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More than a service provider,
a partner

Ellevate, your digital right-hand

In today’s landscape, digital presence plays a pivotal role in driving business growth, whether it’s for startups or well-established enterprises.

At Ellevate, we dedicate ourselves wholeheartedly to strategically and operationally actualizing your vision for your business.

We are fully committed to standing by your side, offering both advisory services and hands-on support.

Before being consultants, we are business partners

We drive your growth at every stage of your development. Enthusiasm, passion, expertise, ideation – we’re at your side.

We guide you step by step towards the best growth solution for your business.

Our primary objectives include:

  • Making your website development costs profitable,
  • Fine-tuning your email marketing efforts,
  • Enhancing your search engine visibility,
  • Streamlining your processes to prevent lead loss.
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Attain your strategic objectives

All our offers are tailored to fit your needs because every project is unique.

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tangible results

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It is possible to expand a business alone.

But to grow with our business and turn it into something greater than ourselves, we need to surround ourselves with the right people.

Jade Caillot Fondatrice

Jade Caillot
Founder & CEO

The ultimate goal: finding those who will invest 100% in your vision

After several years spent working on start-ups in France and North America, all the voices agree. No success story is born of a founder alone on board. All investors, all founders and multi-entrepreneurs will tell you: You can’t do it alone.

Ultimately, the key to a successful business is to surround yourself with people you can trust.

So, whether you’re looking for a quick solution to a specific problem or a partner who’s 100% committed to your side, ELLEVATE is a solution that other founders, entrepreneurs and CEOs have already tried and tested.

What you get in our collaboration:


We’re not satisfied just responding to your needs.  We look for opportunities for you

Work ethic

We accompany you on every step of your project, so that everything is smooth and efficient for you and your team.


We complete each task and mission with the objective of growing your business and surpassing your growth targets.

Working with Ellevate’s team

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succès des entrepreneuses

When should you call on partners?

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You know your business is ripe for more intense growth when :

Ellevate is here to help you make lasting progress on the road to growth.

Over the years Ellevate has created tailored techniques that provide the best response to your expectations and objectives regarding growth and digital project management. 



At the heart of our work, the birth of your success story

Diane Domas Loc'Hall

Founder & CEO

Diane's Challenge

Develop her client acquisition strategy

“Jade quickly became a trusted partner of the team. She listens to our goals, is very efficient and responsive. As a result, we have a winning strategy in terms of acquisition, lead generation, Google positioning, and continuous growth!”

Justine chargée de communication

Communication Manager

Justine's Challenge

Optimize the performance of their online advertising campaigns

“Following Jade’s recommendations regarding our Google and Meta (Facebook / Instagram) advertising, we are achieving excellent results.”

Jeanne Thibaut fondatrice startup

Founder & CEO

Jeanne's Challenge

Structure a customer acquisition-centred digital strategy, developing project management tools to fuel growth efforts.

“Jade quickly became an essential partner to our team. Always attentive, responsive, and straightforward, she built us a comprehensive acquisition strategy. We gain legitimacy every day and our project management is now structured and more efficient. She also brings a lot of energy to the team, which creates an excellent working atmosphere.”

Alicia Keane

Founder & CEO

Alicia's challenge

Create, structure, and plan her online presence to grow her customer database.

“Jade is THE solution to all your challenges in digital solutions to advance your business. Whether it’s in terms of strategy or tools, our exchanges are always exciting and constructive, two qualities that perfectly characterize her. Thanks to her, I managed to reconcile with the digital world, and today, I better understand its challenges to develop my business. Her advice is filled with common sense, and it’s always a real pleasure to work with her. In short, try Jade, you won’t regret it!”

Lise McKeivor

Founder & CEO

LIse's Challenge

Develop a digital strategy to structure her content strategy.

“Jade is a professional who listens very carefully to her clients. Thanks to a 360-degree vision, she can identify areas for improvement in your digital communication that you may not have necessarily thought of from the start: comprehensive digital support, SEO improvement, social media training…”

Florence associée agence

Associate Partner at a Communication Agency

Florence's challenge

Structure collaboration on a website redesign project

“I collaborated with Jade (She led the project + the website’s SEO) on a website redesign project. It was a real pleasure to work with her: she orchestrated the project smoothly and actively (and always with a smile), caring equally about the technical aspect, the schedule, the content, and the creative aspects. Her didactic approach to SEO is also greatly appreciated. ☺”

Clémence chargée de com startup

Communication manager

Clémence's challenge

Take charge of content management and ensure the strategic direction.

“Proactive, positive, and caring, Jade is the missing element at youWan, the feminine success. After almost a year of collaboration, we still enjoy exchanging and mutually challenging our ideas. Working with Jade brings a real breath of enthusiasm and energy to her company.”

Ariane développement entreprise

Communication manager

Ariane's challenge

Provide partners with a clear strategy for using social networks to develop and strenghten a community.

“Jade’s intervention lasted 2 hours and was really clear, lively, and above all concrete. Each partner was delighted and left with concrete actions to implement. A very good moment.”

Marie-Capucine cofondatrice

Founder & CEO

Marie-Capucine's challenge

Structure a clear strategic direction and enhancing the company’s market visibility.

“The digital strategy has been established and structured, various profiles on social networks optimized, and project management smooth and efficient. Statistical projections verified through innovations in communication on networks.”

Marie-Amélie chargée de com chateau

Communication and Development Manager

Marie-Amélie's challenge

Conduct a comprehensive assessment of the castle’s online presence to build a concrete and effective digital strategy.

“The audit review went very well and really allowed us to lay things out. We have already started implementing some of the recommendations. We will now take the time to structure a real strategy based on Jade’s feedback.” 

Yoan Lemarre directeur commercial Loc'Hall

Sales manager

Yoann's Challenge

Structuring and developing data tracking to create a stronger sales pitch

“Ellevate’s team set up a tailored data tracking system that enabled us to increase our conversion rate and customer loyalty. The team was resourceful, ingenious and had a great deal of expertise. I recommend!”

Elise Ferreira fondatrice pretty colors et Handly Atelier

Founder & CEO

Elise's Challenge

Optimizing the conversions of her community into paying clients

“I met Jade during a coaching session for my business Pretty Color with my partner Florian. She gave us some invaluable advice that we continue to follow today. Jade stands out for her kindness and creativity! I highly recommend her.”

Your tailor-made path to success

Ellevate’s ways to accelerate your rise

1. Growth Audit

360 Business Audit

This audit gives you access to all the information you need to make informed decisions, whatever your stage of development.

The growth audit gives you an in-depth comprehensive analysis of each of your actions and their results.

Jade caillot consulting 1.30 growth hack session

2. Growth Hack

What you are ready to invest: TIME

You have a specific question.
Talk to a coach for 1 hour.
A productive and effective discussion is all it takes to break a lasting deadlock and make way for more explosive growth.

3. Growth Foundation

Getting the basics right, or back on track

Do you want sustainable growth?
Start by laying solid foundations.
Website, content, emailing strategy, social media strategy, graphic design.
These are all elements that need to be taken into account when building a solid business and a lasting brand.

jade Caillot construction fondations stratégiques
Un growth partner dans votre équipe Jade Caillot

4. Growth Partner

What you are ready to invest: MONEY

You have solid foundations, but you want to go further and move up a gear.

Your objectives: hyper-growth, recruitment, investment, fundraising.